Zion A. Profile Thumb

Zion A.

12 hours ago

It’s a good apartment complex people are really chill and staff are fun and friendly have some good party’s always lit,pools are fun and nice on a hot day

Jacob L. Profile Thumb

Jacob L.

12 hours ago

Great new staff, very nice changes to the community in itself. I've been here for almost 4 years now and have had little trouble with the management. Service could be a bit faster but its understandable

Zachary F. Profile Thumb

Zachary F.

14 hours ago

It’s very chill. Been a nice experience. Very nice for how cheap. Love my roommates and the new management has been awesome. Love the change in pace.

Jorge G. Profile Thumb

Jorge G.

14 hours ago

It’s not bad for what u pay, it’s actually really worth it for the price, did have a Bad experience with roaches at the beginning but that was because the people who had just moved out left a mess, once that was taken care of everything was basically perfect

Tevin T. Profile Thumb

Tevin T.

17 hours ago

I enjoy the apartments and the community I love how they have events and try to get everyone to socialize with one another I will be living here for a good while

Paula R. Profile Thumb

Paula R.

24 hours ago

So far everything has been great and when there is a problem maintenance is so quick to fix the problem!! Staff is all very kind as well and a great at answering any questions that I have.

Line M. Profile Thumb

Line M.

1 day ago

I love it here. It’s not noisy, people are nice, my roommates are cool and I live well. I really recommend it to people who want to live well without spending much.

Ajayonia (Keyonia) J. Profile Thumb

Ajayonia (Keyonia) J.

2 days ago

At first it was a rough start but since we switched over management it’s beewn so much better the maintenance request get done on time and everything

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